Why We Started Feetz

We started this company because we were tired of having to try on 10 pairs of shoes to find 1 good fit.

You might be the same, and if you have 'problem' feet then it just gets worse with a lot of time and money needed to get a good fitting pair of shoes.

We combined our expertise in technology, science, and engineering to create our SizeMe imaging process....so you get a perfect fit shoe for each foot. Then we utilize new materials and 3D manufacturing processes to make that pair of SizeMe shoes. AND we'll have the ability for customers to design their shoe with some style and color options. I know, it's exciting...we're excited and proud to be able to do this for all those that struggle to find shoes for their feet.

We are knees deep in testing right now...if you want to be an early beta tester or just keep informed on Feetz as we march towards our launch...just sign up below. We look forward to you joining the SizeMe revolution!

Beta Sign Up List


  1. Personally – I’d love to be a tester, I find it very difficult to find shoes that fit properly. Plus, I also would be happy to review and write about the process as Digital Fabrication Editor of MAKE.

  2. After I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any manner you may remove me from that service? Thanks!

    • Our big hugs go out to your mom – we will walk over 100,000 miles on our feet in our lifetime – so we want to help keep those feet fresh and comfortable! Keep up with us and share your mom’s story.

  3. Trying to find fitting shoes is making me crazy!
    I’d like to try putting my feet in your feetz.
    I’m ready to be a beta tester.
    Will write about it too!

    • Shoe shopping made one of our team member’s hair curl from the madness it caused him so we’ll be looking to help you both!

  4. I would love to be a beta tester! Im so excited for this idea!!! have a huge trouble finding shoes because of my small foot size that is always between normal sizes, even half sizes (smth around size 4.75 and a high arch!!!!)

  5. Have narrow feed with a high arch so can be difficult to get a good fitting shoe. Would love to try these when available.

  6. Would love to try out the shoes as soon as possible. Will you also use this technology on children’s shoes as they can be even tougher to know that we are getting a good fit.

  7. Since reconstructive foot surgery in 2009 my feet are so different from one another that despite buying and returning literally 100s of pairs of shoes and spending $1000s trying to find comfortable custom orthotics, I’m still not able to find a comfortable and sufficiently supportive solution. If Feetz can make it possible for me to hike again, I will happily write a testimonial to spread the word.

    • Sorry to hear about the surgery. I had surgery too years ago for ingrown toenails and shoes are never quite the same after that…
      Look our for future Feetz updates for the beta.

  8. These sound great!! I have incredibly flat feet and need to constantly change out orthotics not to mention finding a pair of shoes that fit right is a nightmare

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes we wear orthotics too and have to buy a set for every pair of shoes. We thought there was a better way and SizeMe allows us to build in your specific foot needs in the form and function as well as fit in the shoe. Look out for more Feetz updates.

  9. Would love to be a tester. Have wide flat feet and big bunions..but love to wear fashionable shoes and heels…..and I do..with pain.!

  10. I would love to be a beta tester. I do a lot of cardio workouts and finding shoes that are comfortable and fit correctly is near impossible. I’m looking forward to the possibility of a better way to find the best shoe for my feet.

  11. I’ve got a son with nearly flat feet. Getting comfortable shoes for him is very hard. We’d love to test your product, see how it works for a young teenager who will walk all over school every day.

    • Thanks for reaching out. We welcome all types of people for our beta. We have a 14 year teenager with a Size 17 foot – so just getting ANY shoes is hard for him. Please keep in touch!

  12. I’m another eager Beta Tester. My feet are wide, but the big problem is a bunion on my right food, which is causing my toes to distort in ways that make it impossible to get a any shoe to fit without causing pain. Worse yet, tho i’ve been a “barefoot-when-possible” person most of my life, the distortion is now requiring some kind of support, so that going barefoot no longer works for me. Oh my, big trouble. To stay active, I’ve had had to do lots of “makeshift” improvisation with foot-things I get from the pharmacy and orthotics that i’ve had made by a doctor, as well as these contraptions that one foot doctor makes out of soft plasticine that he molds to my mis-aligned toes – holding them in a more natural alignment – and then the contraption he’s molded hardens, and I have something that helps … but is too bulky to fit inside a running or walking shoe. I can wear it inside something soft like an Ugg boot. But none of this works during the summer, when – if I can’t be barefoot – I at least want to wear open sandals. And I’m only 5 foot tall, so I really need a low heal just to feel more normal.

    If you can print a shoe who’s interior incorporates some of what the orthotics do for the length of the foot, as well as what the plasticine-molded toe-separator contraption does for the toes … I would be eternally and infinitely grateful. And EVERYONE would hear about it. (I’m a natural publicist and promoter).

    Last year, I spoke with my foot doctor at Kaiser about my idea for 3D printed shoes that would incorporate my orthotics mold on the inside. He was interested in the idea, and said that the orthotics molds they make at Kaiser are actually digitized and kept on file. He said that Kaiser has digitized representations of all the orthotics that they’ve made for their enormous patient population. Which leads me to believe that it would be feasible to print the orthotic mold shape as the interior of your 3D printed shoe. And the molded plasticine toe-separator contraption that my doctor makes in his office could, I presume, have it’s contours digitized by the software that allows you to create a digital file (of print instructions) from the photos that folks send you of their feet. (Or maybe not …. but there must be some software out there that allows one to translate the contours of a physical object into digital print instructions).

    Any way … sorry for the long-winded explanation, but I have serious foot/shoe/sandal “issues”, and have been day-dreaming about a 3D-printer solution that would incorporate orthotics and toe-separator contraptions into the inside of the shoe, so I was very excited to learn of your new business. My personal preference in shoes includes the kind of medium-soft/hard plastic sandals that Okabashi Shoes makes, which – I imagine – would be easier to “print” than more elegant, fancier shoes. I’d be thrilled with the soft plastic kind if it kept my foot in enough alignment so that I could stay active on my feet!

    I’m so glad you are taking on this enterprise. Please let me know if my shoe dreams are anywhere near feasible, and if there’s anything I might do to be of service to you in this endeavor. .


    Lani Jacobson
    retired software developer
    Sebastopol (near San Diego for this month – 2/14)

  13. i have had several surgeries on my foot and now have a very difficult time fitting into standard shoes. I would love to try something that fits my feet properly!

  14. I would love to beta test. I was wondering what type of shoes you were going to be printing. I live in cold weather if you need testing for that type of conditions.

  15. Finally! A solution!
    One of my feet is at least a half size different than the other. I’ve actually purchased two pairs of the same sneaker before just to get the right fit.

  16. I have a terrible time finding comfortable shoes because of bunions. I’m hoping for a positive experience with Feetz. I would like to participate in the Beta

    • Ah yes, the dreaded bunions. Very uncomfortable. We can’t promise to fix them (we leave our trusted professionals to that) but we are here to focus on comfortable personalized shoes to let you walk all day without pain.

  17. I just read an internet article about your company and was delighted to learn about your plans. I order most of my shoes by mail because almost all shoe manufacturers have stopped making slim sizes. Depending on the shoe, I wear a 9.5 to 10 AAA or AAAA. My heel is very narrow, so shoes slip off easily and cause blistering if they are too wide. I would very much like to be considered for your beta group and thank you for thinking of this concept. It will be helpful to so many people!

    • Thank you for your post. Exactly for the reasons you describe is why we are here. No need to write “size 9.5 to 10 AAA or AAAA” and instead you simply say SizeMe! We will love the feedback from our beta testers for styles, fit, and comfort.

  18. This is so exciting! Being able to think about something other than my feet all day. Walking in pain, getting foot cramps while sleeping from poor fitting shoes, and the thought of only having to buy one pair instead of two. Thank you feetz! Can’t wait to get my first pair.

  19. As a RN with plantar fasciitis standing for 12 hours is excruciatingly painful. Even with my custom inserts my feet begin to hurt after a few hours. I have been considering having custom shoes made for awhile now. These would be great!!! I know they would go over big with all nurses regardless of foot problems.

  20. Would love to try this if i could afford it! Can rarely find a shoe to fit right that I can wear …I have had custom fits braces for my feet, inserts went the Birkenstock route and now am down to crocs..I would try anything to have shoess that didn’t hurt…

  21. Very interested in finding out more about this on behalf of a parent who (thanks to surgery as a kid) has 2 differently sized feet, and has had foot problems his entire life as a result. Great to see more than just plastic printed mini-me options with this technology! So much potential out there.

    • We also have family members with different sized feet from accidents and have seem them suffer in their footwear and walking for years. Sign up (or have your parent sign up) and we’ll keep in touch.

  22. I suffer from metatarsalgia. It’s been about a year and am I looking for any relief. These shoes may help. I am willing and would like to try anything. Nothing else helps.

    • Sorry to hear about your pain. Although we can’t promise cures, we are focused on the relief with a shoe that is made to your personal specific needs. Please ensure you’ve signed up so we can keep in touch.

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  24. Not sure my case is relevant for beta phase but I have insoles (cavus foot) and have regularly blisters because of that.
    I would love to find a solution.

  25. I am so excited about your company! Thirty six years ago my foot was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. I was lucky they were able to save it but because of boney prominences and size discrepancy it is extremely difficult to find comfortable, supportive shoes. I look forward to trying your product.

  26. I love the concept for someone like me with very high arches and subject to significant foot discomfort and injury from running.
    I have experienced metatarsal compression from too narrow of a shoe, metatarsal pounding from a weakening pad,
    Also, a custom shoe could support the arch and alleviate plantar fascitis pain.
    In addition, a well designed heel could take pressure off the Achilles tendon to alleviate Achilles Tendonitis.

  27. This idea is amazing. I would love to be a beta tester as well! I’ve always had issues finding the “perfect” shoe for my feet.

  28. Sound like a dream come true for people with different size feet. I write a blog that incorporates active travel for the boomer generation….which means lots of walking. Just got back from 4 months in Asia where we talked hundreds of miles (I kid you not). Comfortable shoes are a must. Would love to be a beta tester.

  29. I would love to be a tester! I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 years now and in the last five years my feet have really changed. I have dislocated toes and I can’t find shoes wide enough. I have attempted to make a homemade pair of shoes which are the only thing I can wear right now, but they are pathetic. I’m tired of being stuck in the house because I don’t have shoes to wear. I am signed up for your newsletter and updates, so I can’t wait to hear more! Thanks!!

  30. In addition to the size of the feet are you planning to provide support for flat feet or other age related foot deformities? If so how are you planning to capture that information?

    • Hi Chuck – yes the shoes are not just for size but also the form and function – such as an orthotic insert provides within a shoe. We’ve got magic beans that help us capture this information…well really its just a really fantastic team that can use technology to do magic things!

  31. I’d love to test your shoes. I have bunions on both feet, so need shoes wider in the toe area. Problem is when I buy wide shoes, they are too wide for the rest of my foot and do not fit properly. I have yet to find a pair of shoes I can wear all day walking and not have pain at the end of the day, or even half way into the day.

  32. Bonjour,
    Je suis un jeune athlete de haut niveau, deux fois champion de France du Décathlon (7729pts) et votre innovation m’interesse grandement!
    N’hesitez pas à me contacter pour un éventuel partenariat.
    De plus je suis étudiant en 3ieme année de Staps mention management et je m’interesse beaucoup à l’innovation et la communication.

    Je suis certain de votre succés futur,


  33. hallo
    wil graag op de hoogte blijven en eventueel mijn kennis delen als dat wenselijk is als orthopedisch schoentechnicus.
    ook voor testen beschikbaar.
    zie er naar uit
    nieuwe mogelijkheden, nieuwe toekomst!
    groet jan

  34. I would love to be a Beta tester, as would my mother. Please let me know if you can use either one of us. We both have issues with our feet that cause us pain, as well as our size/shape making it very hard to find a shoe that fits and doesn’t pinch, rub, or otherwise cause pain while wearing it. I’m an 11.5, which they don’t make in women’s, so usually my shoes are too small, or too big. I have a wide foot with a narrow heel, and the insteps in shoes never line up with mine, pushing instead on a different spot, so by mid-way through the day, my feet are killing me, even when I’m not up walking. My mother has one foot that is much wider than the other, having broken a bone that was already mal-formed, so she has a large calcium deposit that causes pain and makes any shoe she tries almost impossible. I would love to try a pair of these, and cannot wait until they are available. Please contact me if any Beta test spots are still available. If you can make comfortable shoes to fit us, you can make them for anyone! ~A~

  35. I’m very excited about the potential for your product. As a person with flat feet and a size 15 shoe it’s difficult to find a proper fit. I’d love to be in the beta, but even if I’m not you will have a customer in the future.

  36. This is genius! I always have a very hard time finding shoes as I have a long (size 11.5 or 12 depending on brand) and narrow (size B) foot. I also have a very flat foot, so there’s a lot of shoes that should fit given the size, but just don’t. I look forward to seeing the products and being a part of this!

  37. Hi Lucy!

    I am anxious to talk to you about a strategic marketing plan for your awesome business.
    We are a multi-tiered, full service marketing organization with complete creative, production and marketing capability.

    Can we please arrange a call?

    Michael Catalano
    310-860-1955 ofc
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  38. The technology you guys are using is amazing! 3-D printing is the next big technology. I am guessing you guys are privately owned but I will be the first to buy stock in Feetz if you ever go public.

  39. I would love to be a beta tester. I’ve always had a hard time finding shoes that fit. I’m usually a size 7 extra wide with very high arches. Keep me informed please!

  40. Hi ! I just signed up for the beta group even if I’m not sure you ship to France.
    Anyway, I wanted to tell you I’m very interested in 3D printing and I’ve fantacized about 3D printed shoes for over 2 years now.
    I’m one of those women who refuse to wear horrible shoes that hurt and kill feet but when you’re an executive, you have to wear something classy from time to time. Dilemma : how do you find a 43 size (french sizes) for women that’s not crocks ? (eek !)
    I’d love to be one of your beta testers, I just neeeeeeeeed those shoes and I can already imagine my happy feet in customized 3D printed shoes :))
    Good luck !

    • We’ll expand to a global audience when we launch – and we’ll keep you updated on timing. We may even be in Paris later this year, so could come and make them for you live to help turn that fantasy into reality!

  41. I’m curious how your process will do with my feet. I have weak arches that collapse when they bear weight, so the “custom” machines always want to give me orthotics for flat feet. These don’t give me the support I need.

    To add to that, I have a bone spur and wear a women’s 12. So, there’s a challenge for you! ;)

    • We love a challenge – the wonderful thing about our SizeMe technology means we can change the shoe to fit exactly to you with the press of a button! (ok there’s more work than that – but we’ll worry about that part)

  42. Lucy!
    Great idea! I join the ranks of people with problem feet and would love to be a beta tester. Let me know what you need from me!

  43. I have a tiny foot…for years I was a size 4 and a half, and then I had three children over 8 lbs. each. Then I went up to a size 5. If I could find any adult shoes, they would cost $400- $500.

    It would be great to be able to buy shoes that fit at a reasonable cost.

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