We’re Reinventing How Footwear Is Made

Feetz began as a troubled set of individuals with bad feet that struggled to find comfortable shoes that fit their feet. We learned about traditional mass manufacturing in the footwear industry and thought it was time to change the way shoes are made to be custom fit and styled...at an affordable consumer price point.

Our team is a passionate convergence of scientists, engineers, biomechanists, designers, and problem-solvers. We’ve spent over 1 year in development in making the machines of 3D printers, the materials that are flexible and breathable for your feet yet durable for the daily lives we live, and the algorithms to build optimum size and comfort for your feet. We call the result of this science the SizeMe code - as it is a unique digital code that represents you. We then apply the SizeMe code to a shoe design you choose and customize.

The SizeMe shoe technology brings a future of shoes that generate less waste for the environment, are made only when you need them, and utilize a ‘farm to table’ style of micro-manufacturing generating local jobs. We believe in what we do, and we’re excited about bringing you SizeMe footwear in every part of the world.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us a little email note.

The Founders

Lucy Beard, CEO & Founder

A Silicon Valley executive with an expertise in big data and customer analytics working at Intuit and Zynga. Has dainty feet with high arches but is a stomper walker and searches for casual flats she can run round the office in.

Nigel Beard, CTO

PHD scientist that has worked on top secret projects with the FBI and CIA for advanced hardware and materials with your unique DNA code. Has hobbit feet that are wide and hairy, searching for shoes that let him express his quirky scientist style.

Advisory Board

Uli Becker, Former CEO of Reebok

Uli knows the footwear industry like the back of his...well...feet. He’s also a big soccer fan and very happy for Germany’s World Cup win in Brazil. Here’s what Uli has to say about Feetz: “It is inspiring to work with great people on something so forward looking as 3D printing in footwear. It can change how the industry has operated for many years”

Jana Eggers, Former CEO of Spreadshirt

Jana is the queen of offering customization technology for consumer apparel. She’s also an IronMan.Here’s what Jana has to say about Feetz:"For real estate, it is location. For shoes, it is fit. 3D printing offers an ability to print shoes designed to fit you individually from heel to toe. The team at Feetz is pulling together all the different technology needed to deliver on that dream walk”