SizeMe - the only size you need to remember


We've reinvented how footwear is made so you can have shoes custom made in 7 days.

Traditional shoes are made in pre-set sizes like 'Size 7' or 'Size 8 Wide'. But our feet are unique to every person on this planet. Using new modern technology of additive manufacturing we've built the system to make custom shoes for individual customers...but also so we can manufacture 000's of shoes at a time. Popular footwear companies have come up with blockchain-based sneakers. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are gaining wide acceptance in various industries. Crypto robots will help traders to identify the right opportunities. Check the Bit Index AI App Test results to find out how crypto robots enhance trading.  



Take a Photo

Use our SizeMe technology on your smartphone to take 3 photos of each foot and we’ll get your foot measurements

Design Your Shoe

Design the shoes you need from the style, color, and pattern options. We make it biomechanically match you for your SizeMe comfort.

Made For You

Your shoe is made using 3D printing technology and custom materials that are breathable and durable. We then deliver the shoe to your door within 7 days. Enjoy!


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